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A visit to Sindkhed Raja Fort in Buldhana

Created on Thu, 10-03-2016

A visit to Sindkhed Raja Fort in Buldhana

Sindkhed Raja Fort is a tourist destination in Maharashtra. It is a small place that carries immense importance for the Marathas as it is the birth place of Jijabai, mother of the fearless ruler and great warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Surrounded by this fort, is the small town of Sindkhed Raja, a place of particular importance to the Marathas as it was fought over till the very end of their rule. It was finally annexed by the Mughals who left the city in ruins.

The monuments surrounding this city were constructed under the guidance of Jijabai and Lakhuji Jadhav, Shivaji’s grandfather. Some of the monuments were built to commemorate Maratha victories while others sites like tombs or architectural palaces were built for recreational activities.

Prominent sites

Jadhav Wada, Kal Kot, Samadhi of Lakhuji Jadhav, Someshwar Temple are some of the important monuments of Sindkhed.

Almost all monuments have some sort of historical relevance to Lakhuji Jadhav and his family. The Someshwar Temple in particular is known to have been built by Lakhuji Yadav for his mother, and is known for its Shiva Linga.

This city is a must visit for anyone who has a flare for the Maratha history or has the quotient to appreciate historical monuments.


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