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Utsav Rock Garden: Garden of Art, Culture & Nature

Created on Mon, 29-02-2016

Utsav Rock Garden: Garden of Art, Culture & Nature

The Utsav Rock Garden is located in the Gotagodi village of Shiggaon taluk of Haveri district. It is a unique and one-of-a-kind village garden that brings out the old rural life, contemporary art and culture of Karnataka. It takes about 45 minutes to reach Utsav Rock Garden from Haveri. It consists of an indoor and outdoor sculpture museum and over 1000 sculptures showcasing contemporary art. This garden is also referred to as Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘Dream Village’, which shows sculptures depicting self-reliance, self-employment, self-governing institutions and rural professions.

Utsav Rock Garden has become a distinct picnic garden for the common people both educated and intellectual. It is a common place where people from all the classes no matter how rich or poor can look at art in a common manner. This place is a perfect match of art and nature in itself where people are educated on the significant culture, art and nature. There is a nominal entry fee for adults of Rs.50 and for children Rs.25 that is used in the maintenance of the garden by the management committee. It involves not just artifacts but also man made beauties such as ponds and boating. It can be rightly termed as a Sociological Gallery!


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