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Tourist Attractions of Tumsar

Created on Thu, 10-03-2016

Tourist Attractions of Tumsar

Tumsar’s claim to fame is its rice market that serves the district of Bhandara (Maharashtra), this being an important rice producing region. The scenic spots surrounding Tumsar are well worthy of a visit.

The 18th century Ambagad Fort, a 13 km drive from Tumsar, has seen Hindu, Muslim and British rulers occupying it. A few kilometres away is Gaimukh village which derives its name ‘Mouth of the Cow’ from a spring gushing out from within the nearby rocks. There’s also a cave temple close by for one to explore.

Chandpur, 21 km. away from Tumsar , nestles within the embrace of the thickly forested Satpura Range overlooking a reservoir. Its serene beauty makes it a perfect picnic spot. People also visit Chandpur to pay homage to the 8-foot high statue of Hanuman.

Madgi, close to Tumsar is another pilgrimage spot, boasting of a Narasimha temple built on a large rock in the centre of the Wainganga River. Interestingly, the river was featured by Rudyard Kipling in The Jungle Book. Yet another ancient temple called Nagjhira, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is just 5 km away from Tumsar.

These are only some of the hidden attractions of small towns like Tumsar. For the adventurous, there’s always more.



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