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Thane – the mystical magical experience

Created on Fri, 19-02-2016

Upvan lake Thane

Thane, situated at the head of Thane creek in Metropolitan Mumbai – is steeped in history documented through the years.

Historical background

From AD 1321-1324, Friar Jordanus’ accounts talk of Thane being under a Muslim governor called Kukin Tana. Similar references have also been found in Ibn Battuta’s and Abul Fazal’s accounts. 200 years later, the Portuguese Christians set foot on the soil – and therein began the metamorphosis to its present day form.

The churches

St. John the Baptist’s church is one of the oldest churches in the district, to still survive. Built around 433 years ago, it recently was renovated in 2015, thereby ending the long wait of its worshippers. Standing tall on the edge of Masunda lake, the church still awes travellers as they walk below its wooden altar inside. There is a sense of history and peace prevalent in every of it's nook and cranny.

Next is Our Lady of Mercy Church – with over 1500 parish families across race, culture and region. This church stresses on several activities taken by the parish families – as a way of working together with harmony. Love, collaboration and respect are woven into its very fabric of being – that not only soothes the church goer but also fills him with a fire of purpose.

Concluding words

Apart from these two, Thane churches are aplenty – some notable ones are St. Stephen’s Orthodox Church, St. Joseph’s, St. James, the CNI church and New Covenant Church.

Today, these churches are home to the disturbed and peaceful minds – that fills their soul with love and care. The nourishing presence of the churches in the locality promotes cohesiveness, unity and a deep bond – turning true Jesus’ oft saying “Love thy neighbour.”


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