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Thane – Cuddled Into The Lap Of Nature

Created on Fri, 12-02-2016

Thane – Cuddled Into The Lap Of Nature

Thane, situated at the head of Thane Creek, is located about 35 km downtown Mumbai. It is popularly known as the ‘City of Lakes’. In 2014, it was named as the best city in Maharashtra for its cleanliness and greenery. Travelling into Thane, one cannot miss the 35 water bodies that encapsulate it.

Let’s take a look at the lakes that surround Thane –

Masunda Lake: Talao Pali or Lake Masunda is the most popular lake in Thane. Its banks are home to a theatre named Gadkari Rangayatan and the famous Kopineshwar Temple built in the 1750's by Chimaji Appa. It can be reached within 15 minutes from any part of Thane. It forms a natural entertainment spot for families and travellers with its local snack of roasted channa masala, peanuts and an Indo-Chinese corner too. For children, the lake is an enjoyment hub with candy floss and balloon vendors dotting the area.

Upvan Lake at Pokhran: Next in the line is Upvan Lake, located at the foothills of Yeoor. The 6 hectare water-body is pristine and soothes everyone who sits by its banks. The still and silent lake is a great spot for meditation. It feels as if it listens to the person kneeling by its side. Its mystical and magical experience also attracts couples to come by and spend quality time.

Rest of the lake-bodies:

Other lakes in and around Thane that deserve mention are Brahmala, Siddheshwar, Devasar, Diva, Ambe and Kausa to mention a few.

The lakes help to enhance the environment of Thane and also improve the quality of life. They help in steady water supply throughout the year and even serve as recreational spots for Thanekars.


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