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Tales of the Nizams of Nizamabad

Created on Fri, 19-02-2016

Tales of the Nizams of Nizamabad

Nizamabad is the third largest city in Telengana state, after Hyderabad and Warangal. If you want to stay here and enjoy the beautiful culture or history, a large number of budget hotels are available online. It is possible to make an online booking for many of them today.

How Nizams ruled Nizamabad

The Nizams looked to isolate the economy, which in turn, led to poverty of the major producers of wealth. Originally, Nizams could not control land cultivation, primarily being driven by Hindu peasants. But they found a method of controlling these peasants through Muslim financiers and capitalists. They encouraged Arabs, Rohillas and Marwaris here, due to which cultivators of Marathwada region slowly lost their lands. The nizams were also known to be ruthless to their women.

Niloufer Khanum Sultana, often called the world’s prettiest woman, was quite pained because she was unable to produce an heir to the throne. She often thought of herself as a failure being a princess. During a visit to England, her mother sent a distress call about financial and social health. Here, Prince Moazzam, her husband, announced that he was not responsible for the childless marriage. He even brought a lady of doubtful repute to home, to prove his virility. After she got to know of the incident, the Sultana never shared a room with her husband again. 


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