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Sufism in Jalna

Created on Wed, 24-02-2016

Zainuddin Shirzai Maqbara Khuldabad


The Maharashtrian domain of Jalna, formerly a tehsil of Aurangabad district in Hyderabad is best known as the Pilgrim City of India.

The Saints

Interestingly Jalna – from the term Julana or jeweller- confluences both Islamic and Hindu religious journeys. It is the home of Sita and Lord Rama while at the same time is known for the many dargahs and mosques created since Akbar’s time.

Mohammed Ibrahim was one of the foremost Sufi saints – who bedazzled the district residents with his words of wisdom, love and joy. His ashaba that bears his grave- has two iron cauldrons – which signify the depth and spread of his teachings.

Jamshed Khan of Malik Ambar’s time contributed greatly to water supply in the city – making Jalna the jewel in Maharashtra’s crown in the 10th century.

Jalna is also known for its sect founded by Jan Allah Shahi–who was accompanied on this path to Mecca by his followers – the Jins.


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