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Satara’s Kandi Pedha – A delectable local sweet!

Created on Wed, 24-02-2016

Satara’s Kandi Pedha – A delectable local sweet!

Pedha, a mouth-watering confectionery made from milk solids and sugar is extremely popular throughout India. It comes in different forms and varieties, but Satara’s famous Kandi Pedha holds a special place in a Pedha lover’s heart.


Introduced to Satara in the 19th century by immigrants from northern India, the Pedha became a local favourite in no time. Rounder than northern India’s typically flat Pedhas, Satara’s version of the sweet is known for its smooth texture and is available in a variety of flavours – plain and kesar (saffron) being the most common.


Pedhas are very simple to make. Milk is boiled at low heat till all its water content evaporates leaving behind a soft caramel coloured solid, which is then mixed with powdered sugar and rolled into small balls.


This sweet is often made on religious occasions and is served as prasad in homes and temples. It is also easily available in local sweet shops in the city. Modi Sweets and Ladkar’s are award winning shops famous for making the best Pedhas in town. A trip to Satara is indeed incomplete without savouring its Kandi Pedhas.


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