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Sangli – The Turmeric City of Maharashtra

Created on Wed, 24-02-2016

Sangli – The Turmeric City of Maharashtra

Turmeric, or Haldi in Hindi, plays an important role in the popularity Indian cuisine and culture and is widely used both as both a spice and a cosmetic. Turmeric plays an important role in spicing up the economic life and structure of Sangli, Maharashtra.

Two hundred years ago, farmers in Sangli discovered a unique method of storing turmeric. They’d store turmeric rhizomes in deep underground pits as this would seal the oxygen and keep the rhizomes from spoilage. This ingenious method boosted production and made Sangli’s turmeric popular across the country.

Today, turmeric is grown over vast fields and is Sangli’s most exported commodity, providing an important source of income to local farmers, turmeric powder manufacturers and agricultural traders.

More than 80% of India’s trade in turmeric takes place in Sangli. The high quality of production makes sure that turmeric produced in Sangli is in demand throughout the year and all over the country. A substantial part of the production is also exported to foreign markets.

Sangli has marvellously put itself on the map for its turmeric production and thus can aptly be called the Turmeric City of Maharashtra.


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