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Royal Rajasthani Cuisine in Jaipur

Created on Thu, 18-02-2016

Royal Rajasthani Cuisine in Jaipur

Rajasthan is known for its royalty. Its traditions, grand forts, exquisite costumes, majestic atmosphere exude a regal feel. It is quite apt that Rajasthani food is befitting the royalty. Rajasthani cuisine is primarily an assortment of vegetarian dishes sprinkled with generous garnishes and spices. Since it is a dry state, there is ample usage of milk and buttermilk in the cuisine.

We bring to you the best of this royal cuisine.

Daal Bati churma: Daal baati churma is one of the most favorite dishes in Rajasthan. These small round flour balls are deep fried in ghee which gives it a delectable taste. One can go for plain baati or the stuffed ones. When eaten with dal and choorma (unsalted baatis crushed and mixed with ghee and sugar) it is a complete heavy meal in itself. Gorge on the best Daal bati churma in town at the Spice court.

Laal maas: Laal maas is truly a dish befitting the royalty. Made with rich spices, it is best to be eaten with an accompaniment such as naan. Enjoy a melt-in-your-mouth Laal maas at Handi restaurant in Jaipur.

Gatte ki sabzi: Exuding the true Rajasthani flavor, Gatte ki Sabzi is an all time favorite with locals and visitors alike. Balls made of besan are dipped in the yummy gravy made up of spices and buttermilk. Enjoy Gatte ki Sabzi at the Shri Thaal village restaurant.

Ghevar: Any discussion on Rajasthani cuisine is incomplete without mentioning Ghevar. This mouth-watering desert is prepared with chena, sugar syrup, ghee, and flour. Head to the Lakshmi Misthan bhandar in Jaipur for the best Ghevars in town.


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