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Rajkot – The Famous 'Diesel Engine' Industry

Created on Fri, 19-02-2016

Diesel Engine Rajkot

Rajkot city in Gujarat is famous for manufacturing diesel engines. It accounts for 60% of India’s total production of diesel engines. The backbone of Rajkot’s capacity of 2,75,000 engines per annum is its strength of 100 full-fledged manufacturers, supported by 3500 ancillary units.

Rajkot’s diesel engines are utilized mainly in Agriculture but are in demand for Marine, Power generation, Automotive, Construction equipment and other industries. The wide range of diesel engines manufactured here vary from 3HP to 45HP and they can be air-cooled or water-cooled.

A corporate culture seems to exist in the leading companies here. Their dealer and distribution networks extend all over the country. They earn foreign exchange for India by exporting their diesel engines and spares to Africa, the Middle East, Central America, Asia and even to Australia.Pursharth Industries started in 1965 and since then has achieved the status of leading manufacturer and exporter of diesel engines and diesel engine spares. They promise quality, durability, economy, reliability and time-bound delivery.


Prince Diesel Engines have been manufacturers from the 1940s. They were the first to introduce one handle start, high-speed, water-cooled engines globally. The company has2,000 dealers and 22 monitoring distributors in India, and 25 foreign outlets.


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