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The primitive Baiga tribe of Dindori

Created on Thu, 10-03-2016

The primitive Baiga tribe of Dindori

Dindori is a tribal district located on the Eastern borders of Madhya Pradesh, touching Chhattisgarh.

This place is abode to Baigas since 20,000 years. Baigas are one of the most primitive tribes, who still follow soil worshipping and are declared as ‘National Human’.

Tattooing is an integral part of their lifestyle. Baiga women sport a tattoo on almost all the parts of their body. They are settled in the forest and post the demise of any family member they leave their house and start building a new one.

They believe they are handcrafted by God himself and hence they are the rulers of the world. Baigas are very good hunters so they have been infamous for the extinction of animals and birds in the forest.

Living amidst the green Sal forest, they follow a simple regime and lifestyle. Apart from their simple lifestyle, Baiga women love dancing and have plethora of dance forms of their own.


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