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The popularity of Gulmarg Village

Created on Mon, 13-06-2016

The popularity of Gulmarg Village

Covered in snow with the Himalayas protecting its natural environment, Gulmarg village in Jammu and Kashmir is a wonderful combination of living a serene life and enjoying the adventurous life. The name ‘Gulmarg’ literally means ‘Meadow of flowers’. The village is well known for skiing slopes, which can be reached via cable cars. The new cable car at Gulmarg is called as Gondola.

A vacation in Gulmarg makes sure you are pampered with the beauty of picture perfect landscapes and sky-high trees covered in snow. There are also scenic valleys, marvelous lakes and warm hearted people, making your experience a memorable one.

The village offers a variety of activities inthe winter season. Even taking a walk across the picturesque setting of this hill station can give you bliss. You will be amazed to find the highest golf club in the world located in this place, along with lush green and natural surroundings. It is at an unimaginable height of 8690 feet above sea level.

This village is also known for the presence of the gorgeous Alpather Lake that is sandwiched between the two snow-capped peaks of Afarwat, which is at a height of 4511 m.


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