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Places to see while at Hatkanangale station

Created on Thu, 10-03-2016

Places to see while at Hatkanangale station

Hatkanangale is a city in Tamluk district of Maharashtra. It bears the Maratha traces of foundry and has gradually moved along with time.

The Gandharv Resort and Farm is about 6 kms from the station. It is ideal for a family who want to spend one last day in the quaint city. The beautiful garden, resort and amusement park brings one closer in harmony and to nature. One must eat the Ganda Talipit here – the Maharashtrian delicacy of Konkan richness.

The Budh Samaj Mandir is for the peace seeker in you. It’s a place of serenity where one comes to envelop oneself in silence. The meditative rituals practiced here are known throughout the world as they bring mind, body, soul and desires all in one line to being.

The station is also close to the Irwin Agricultural Museum where we see a collection of ancient Copper or Brass coins and other artefacts, depicting ancient India. Here the various farming equipments are displayed – that also testify to the progress that the field of farming has undergone.

However at present it is known as Swaraj Bhavan – the tax collection center of Kolhapur.


A blend of history, facts and beauty, the tourist attractions near the station prove to be apt time benders.


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