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Places in Jodhpur where you can shop till you drop!

Created on Wed, 17-02-2016

Places in Jodhpur where you can shop till you drop!

Besides being known for the majestic and opulent forts, Jodhpur is also famous for shopping. A visit to Jodhpur is surely going to excite a shopping freak. The city is home to many skilled artisans. There are also skilled dyers, and dye-makers who call this city their home. When in Jodhpur, do not forget to buy Jodhpuri suits, which are famous for their craftsmanship.

Here are some places to go shopping when in Jodhpur

Sojati gate

Shop for beautiful Jodhpuri Bandhani sarees at Sojati gate. You can find them in intricate patterns and vibrant background at one of the several shops located in this area.

Sadar market

Located smack in the middle of the city, Sadar market got its name after Maharaja Sardar Singh.  You can shop everything from beautiful handicrafts, accessories, to fruits and vegetables here.

Mochi Bazar

A trip to Jodhpur is never complete without buying some dainty Lac bangles. Head to Mochi Bazar to buy yourself some Lac bangles and mojiris.

Tripolia bazaar

Looking for handicrafts and textiles? Head to Tripolia bazaar for some retail therapy. You can also shop for renowned Jodhpur pants in this area. 


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