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Pilgrim places in Raichur

Created on Mon, 02-05-2016

Raichur is a district located in the South Indian state of Karnataka. Raichur is situated on the banks of two rivers namely Tungabhadra and Krishna. The district and its namesake city are culturally rich and has been a part of various empires such as Brahmanis and Vijaynagara. There are many pilgrim places in and around the vicinity of the city.

The Jami masjid is an important religious site for Muslims in Raichur. The mosque has two entrances and six gigantic pillars and is one of the biggest mosques in India. This beautiful mosque is home to a cemetery that belongs to Adil Shahi dynasty. Another pilgrim place in Raichur is Devasugur, which is famous for its Veerbhadra temple. This temple attracts a large number of devotees from all over India for its annual ‘jatra’. Manvi is a town situated in Raichur, famous for its temple of Jagganatha Dasaru. Many temples of Hindu deities are spread across this district which makes it famous among the tourists. Devarbhupur, in Raichur district, is located along the banks of Krishna River, known for its famous temple of Amereshwara. This place is also famous for the jaggery trade in the district.


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