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Once Upon A Time In Rajkot

Created on Fri, 19-02-2016

Alfred High School Rajkot

The history of Rajkot dates back to 1620, when it was founded by a descendent of the Jamnagar royal family. During its 400 year history, it was successively ruled by Nawabs, Jadejas and the British. After Independence it was the capital of the erstwhile state of Saurashtra and today it is one of the prominent cities of Gujarat.

Monuments in Rajkot city reflect its history. An eight feet protective wall with 8 gates was built around the city in 1720.  The British restored two of the gates: the Raiya Naka and Bedi Naka with its 3-storeyed Clock Tower. Watson Museum houses relics of human and Rajkot history presided over by an imposing marble statue of Queen Victoria. Rajkumar College dates back to the 19th Century.

Mahatma Gandhi’s boyhood was spent in Rajkot where his father was the Diwan. Karba Gandhi No Delo (his house) is a tourist spot. Gandhiji attended Alfred High School, later renamed as Gandhi Vidyalaya. He founded the Rashtriya Shaala which participated in the Swadeshi movement.

Rajkot district also has famous palaces and temples. Today, Rajkot is well known as a centre for machine tools, silk weaving and the purity of its gold. The city has become multicultural and is on the path of growth and modernization.


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