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Mangalorean Cuisine - Of Kori Rotti & Neer Dosa

Created on Thu, 17-03-2016

Mangalorean Cuisine - Of Kori Rotti & Neer Dosa

Few of us equate food with music. Every tone and timbre of food sends waves of pleasure throughout. Humans always search for such pleasurable adventures.

Kori Rotti and Neer Dosa

One such adventure was searching the Mangalorean menu and coming across core delights – Neer Dosa and Korri Roti. Traditionally this South Karnataka place is known for its play of spices and a melange of tastes that burst through your tongue and burn all the way down to your greedy tummy.

The origin of Neer Dosa and Korri Rotti lie in the Bunt cuisine. To bring you to speed with the local terms, korri means chicken which is literally eaten with roti or the Indian flat bread. However this rhyming delight is a chilly and spicy mix – that is a riot of flavours. This is a tedious recipe – where each step should be meticulously followed. Roasting each element separately and then grinding and finally mixing all of them together – is “sinnocence” at its best. Finally the dish is served is a dry coconut shell with red chillies adorning its fiery topnote.

Neer Dosa is a wonderfully mellow dosa tha almost resembles a pancake. It is white, soft, fluffy and buttery. Each bite melts in your mouth – each piece a soothing sensation on the tongue.

The mellowness can be balanced with a tangy or a spicy sauce to go with it – the entire ensemble a meal for any day part


Mangalorean food is a potpourri of different regions , spices and creativity. The blend is unmatched – the hit, taste  and overall flavour leaves you wanting more every time!




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