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Lip Smacking Delicacies of Mathura

Created on Mon, 13-06-2016

Lip Smacking Delicacies of Mathura

There is much more to Mathura than just archaeological and historical significance, we are talking about its food culture. This place is not just about the temples but is also known for its variety of local delicacies. Mathura is world famous for its sweets made in milk or milk products. Brijwasi Mithai Wala and Gosai Pede wala (oldest Sweet Shop of Mathura, Since 1832) are known for its best quality sweets in Mathura, which includes Peda, Ghewar, Faini, Khurchan, Rasmalai, Sohan Papdi, Malpua that can make one go weak at the knees. Being only a little larger than an Eclair toffee, there is a danger of eating too many Mathura pedas at once. It might cause heaviness in the stomach but your desire might still not be satiated.

Mathura has a lot of local specialties, which you cannot give a miss. Forget all your diet charts and wallow in the local favorites at Mathura. Indulge in the variety of Chaats and Gol Gappe here, for a spicy, gastronomic experience. Rest assured, the street food here can give even the finest restaurants in Mathura a run for their money!

For a city that packs so much into so little, one can see the uniqueness of every delicacy having its own special place where you can enjoy it. There is no distinct restaurant culture here, so you’ll find various small and large Dhabas and eating joints around the city to choose your feast from.



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