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The Legendary Parijaat Tree of Barabanki

Created on Mon, 13-06-2016

The Legendary Parijaat Tree of Barabanki

In the village of Kintoor, about 40 kilometres East of Barabanki, grows the legendary Parijaat tree.This tall deciduous tree, with a thick brown woody trunk is believed to have originated thousands of years ago during the era of the Mahabharata.

A number of temples dot the area surrounding the tree, attesting to its religious importance. Legends and stories about the tree’s origin abound. Apparently, the tree grows over the ashes of Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas, and the person after whom the village of Kintoor has been named.

Another legend says that Arjun, one of the Pandavas, brought this tree from the heavens and planted it on earth so that Kunti could use its sacred flowers to worship Lord Shiva.

Yet another story mentioned in the Hindu text ‘Harivansh Puran’ links the Parijaat tree to the Kalpavriksh, a mythical tree with wish granting powers.

Some also say that Lord Krishna brought this tree for one of his wives, either Rukmini or Satyabhama. Sages like Adi Shankracharya and Durvasa are also said to have meditated under the tree.

Today, the tree is a site of local worship and is considered auspicious for newly-weds who come here for its blessings.


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