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The Joy of Ice Skating in Shimla!

Created on Mon, 29-02-2016

The Joy of Ice Skating in Shimla!

Shimla has been a default go-to hill station for us Indians for decades now. Located at a high altitude, this town is dotted with marvelous architectural pieces as well as beautiful tourist locations, such as Kufri and Chail Palace and offers as an ideal summer retreat. However, very few of us would be willing to step foot in this region during winters, because of its extremely cold climate.

Ice skating has been a major attraction in Shimla since British Times. It was the British who assisted the local Garhwalis in laying down sheets of ice which are safe to skate on, and till date, there exist foreign supervisors to oversee the functioning of the skating rink, ensuring the safety of the same. The skating rink itself is quite a marvel, being the largest skating rink in the country along with being the only natural one.

Every year, Shimla attracts vast numbers of tourists during winters as a result of ice-skating. Not just this, there even exists an ice-skating festival. Complete with festivities, carnivals, feasts and competitions, this festival warms up the entire town during the bone-chilling winters.

It is an adventurer’s paradise and promises to provide an unforgettable experience, special enough to make you revisit the extreme climate and escape your comfort zone, just for the thrill of it.


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