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Jorhat is the Culture Capital of Assam for a reason, here's why

Created on Fri, 19-02-2016


Assam, the land of red rivers and blue hills, is known for its breathtaking picturesque beauty. Amidst this land, lies the city of Jorhat, a relatively less known city. What’s interesting is Jorhat derives its name from a combination of two words ‘Jor' and ‘Hat’, where 'Jor' means two and 'Hat' means Mandi (market). Chowkihat and Macharhat being the two markets situated on either side of the Bhogdoi River.So what sets this interesting city apart and makes it worth a special mention out of all the beautiful Assamese cities?

Filled with institutional centres and places of worship, Jorhat is known as the ‘Culture Capital of Assam’ and very rightly so. The city possesses numerous cultural heritage attractions, such as the ‘Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar’, one of the most famous Bornamghar (place of worship) in Assam which dates back almost 461 years and is one of the pivotal institutions for the Baisnav Religion. Furthermore, the city is studded with numerous Vaishnava Satras, which is regarded as the storehouse for cultural traditions and antiques.

These Satras have been instrumental in preserving and promoting ‘Borgeet’, traditional Assamese songs, along with a few of the most elegant dance forms of India, namely, Matiakhara, Jumora, Chali, Noyua, Nande Vringee and Apsara.


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