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India's Only Mono Rail in Mumbai

Created on Thu, 18-02-2016

India's Only Mono Rail in Mumbai

The entire Mumbai city is well connected through railways. The suburban railway came here first, followed by the Metro and now the Monorail. This monorail that started in Mumbai in 2014 is 6 meters high and zooms above few of the economical capital’s narrowest lanes. It also crosses many railways lines, creeks and bridges along the way. The monorail includes different coaches that range from being shiny to sleek that are painted in green, blue and bright pink.


The monorail promises people in the crowded neighborhoods of Mumbai and the suburbs better connectivity to major railway stations which are, in turn, gives the passage to the business center of this city in the south. The top speed of these trains is 80 kmph and they move at an average speed of 65 kmph. Similar to the Metro, doors do not open when the train is in motion.

Line 1 of this monorail was inaugurated by Chief Minister Prithviraj Chauhan on 1st February 2014. The origin of this train was Wadala depot monorail station. 19,678 passengers travelled on the first day of the monorail. Elevated monorail stations can easily be reached by escalators and staircases.


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