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India's first Atomic Power Plant at Tarapur

Created on Tue, 01-03-2016

India's first Atomic Power Plant at Tarapur

The atomic power plant at Tarapur, Palghar is the largest nuclear power station in India. Located in Maharashtra, this power plant was constructed with 2 boiling water reactor units under the 1963 123 Agreement between the United States, India and the International Atomic Energy Agency. The units 1 and 2 were brought into effective for commercial operation on October 28, 1969. Another unit was brought into effect on August 18, 2006, followed by the launch of unit 4 on September 12, 2005.

The total capacity of Tarapur Atomic power plant is 1400 MW. This facility is governed by Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited. Officers managing the power plant reside in a residential complex called T.A.P.S. colony, which is located just 15 minutes away from Boisar. In fact, Boisar is the nearest railway station to the Tarapur power plant.

Over the years, the age and design of the reactors have raised certain safety concerns. In the year 2007, atomic energy regulatory board assessed the seismic safety features. The board also formed a committee with a team of experts from IIT and IMD to evaluate the vulnerability of this power plant to tsunamis and earthquakes.


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