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The incredible Safara- A heavenly treat to foodies!

Created on Fri, 19-02-2016

Sarafa Market Indore

During the day time, the Sarafa market is better known for its jewelry stores and is predominantly regarded as jewelry market. However, as the sun sets, Sarafa becomes KhaoGalii, the midnight food market. And not just any food market, this one is a heaven for street food lovers. From puris to samosas, panipuri to pavbhaji, and even badaam milk, milkshakes, and ice creams- the KhaoGali offers everything a street foodie can imagine. It’s not just the delicacies that are the only attractions of the market, but rather it's its electrifying atmosphere. KhaoGalin is a festival celebration rather unlike a routine marketplace, it makes the experience of enjoying delicious street food during the otherwise dark night, all the more worthwhile.

And here’s a tip that will make your Sarafa experience unforgettable! Joshi ji ka dahi wada, Saawariya ki sabudana khichdi, Saawariya ka bhutte ka kheer and Vijay ki kachori are a few delicacies that you cannot afford to miss when you are strolling through the lanes of Sarafa night food street.



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