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History behind the Foundation and the Name of Beed

Created on Thu, 25-02-2016

Beed Fort

It was much later that Beed, a small place located in the state of Maharashtra emerged as one of the most historical places in India. It is in this tiny village that there are ancient stories buried in every nook and corner.

Beed’s origin was first believed to be during the period of Pandavas and Kurus. It was then known as Durgavati.When King Vikramaditya of Champavati took reign, his sister rechristened the village as Champavatinagar. As time passed by, thishistorical place went through a series of changes under the hands of different kings and dynasties. Seeing the water resources available, Muhammed Bin Tughluq renamed it as Bir, meaning ‘Well’ in Arabic. He built many forts and wells in this locality, and completely changed the functioning of the village. 

The actual origin of the name Beed is unknown. But historians say that the Yavana rulers named it Bid that meant ‘Water’ in Persian. This, in course of time, became Beed.


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