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Explore the ancient Ganj Golai in Latur

Created on Tue, 01-03-2016

Explore the ancient Ganj Golai in Latur

Latur district is located in Solapur, Maharashtra, and is surrounded with a number of historical monuments like Kharosa Caves and Sri Satya Sai Baba Temple. Solapur is considered to be the Manchester of India and has many power looms as well as cotton mills. Ganj Golai in Latur is a construction located at the heart of the city.

The plan for this building was prepared by a planner called Shri Faiyajuddin. The main building includes a huge two storey structure and was constructed in the year 1917. There is a temple of Goddess Jagdamba in the center of the structure. Pujas and prayers are frequently conducted here.

One can easily travel to Ganj Golai, as there are around 16 roads that connect to the place. You will find a variety of markets selling conventional items such as gold ornaments, footwear and various food items.After exploring Ganj Golai, one can also travel to Ratneshwar and Siddeshwar temples which are located around 2 km away from Latur. Ashtavinayak is another temple of Lord Ganesha which is located just 2 km from the center of the town.


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