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For every foodie visiting Jamnagar

Created on Fri, 19-02-2016

Khandvi Jamnagar

Jamnagar is a paradise for street food lovers. From fiery spicy dishes to melt-in-the-mouth sweet dishes, it has something in store for all.

Here are a few dishes that you must try:

Bread Batata Katka: Bread Batata Katka (Bread pieces with mashed potatoes) will make you drool. It can be both spicy and sweet depending on the your choice. This is one of the favourite street snacks of Jamangaris

Kala Jamun: This dish is so soft and delicious that any dessert lover won’t have just one. It tastes best when had from famous sweet sellers like H. J. Vyas.

Khandvi: A good snack that goes well with tea. This dish which has been a part of the Gujarati cuisine since generations is light for the stomach and leaves a memorable taste.

The list could go on and on – Bhaaji cone, Ras Patra, Gathiya, Bhajiya, Bhungra Bateta, etc. Next time you’re in Jamnagar, you know what all to savour during your stay there!


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