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Etymology of Davanagere

Created on Mon, 13-06-2016

Etymology of Davanagere


Davanageredates back its chronology to the 4th Century, reigned by the Satvahanas which were followed by the Pallavas.During the 5th Century the Kadamba dynasty gained control over the Karnataka region and Kannada as language was developed. A number of dynasties reigned over the region and were overthrown and it was in 17th Century when Tipu Sultan was overthrown and Europeans gained power and initiated a cotton mill.

Why the name Davanagere ?

In a legend pertaining to the times of the Chalukaya kings, who while on their prolonged travel on horseback used to camp in this region. A ‘Kere’ in Kannada (meaning lake) was excavated to quench the thirst of the weary caravans. The region thereafter was known as ‘Devan Giri’, a short for ‘Danivina Kere ‘, which is synonymous with the phrase ‘A lake for quenching the thirsty’.

Although no such concrete evidence for any such lake exists and no physical traces of the lake have been observed in the area, another theory suggests the name being derived from ‘Davanagari’ which means ‘The city of divine’.


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