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Dhanbad’s Sports Connection

Created on Mon, 22-02-2016

Ranji trophy Dhanbad

Cricket tops the sports list for Dhanbad citizens. While on a stroll in the local streets, you may find young boys indulging in what can be called street cricket. From using tree stems for a bat, a discarded bottle stamped and crunched into a round to suit the purpose of a ball with nothing but pebbles to mark the boundary of stumps, it gives the game of cricket a new form altogether! There are three main stadiums for cricket lovers in Dhanbad- Tata Steel Stadium in Digwadih, Nehru Stadium in Jealgora and the Railway Stadium. Ranji Trophy matches are regularly held at the Tata Steel Stadium at Dhanbad.  Women’s International Cricket is held at the Railway Stadium. Football is the next game on the list. The Railway stadium in the past, had hosted national level matches for both - football and cricket. Today the Railway Stadium facilitates only cricket as it is upgraded to support better cricket, by both the Railways management and the Sijua stadium.  Needless to say the love for cricket and football, combined with the facilities and the progress that the city owns has made, Dhanbad was an apt venue for hosting the 34th National Games in 2011.


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