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The Curious Case of Gulbarga’s Cuisine

Created on Mon, 13-06-2016

The Curious Case of Gulbarga’s Cuisine

About Gulbarga

In the Northern part of Karnataka state is the district headquarters and also a major city called Gulbarga, official known as Kalaburagi. The city is located about 625 Km north of Bengaluru and is around 220 Km from Hyderabad. Having a Sufian touch the city houses the Khwaja Banda Nawaz Dargah and Ladle Mashak, which attracts a large number of Banda Nawaz followers from all over India. A prominent landmark of the city is Gulbarga Fort which was constructed in the Bahmani reign.

Cuisine of Gulbarga

The delicacies of Gulbarga have a unique and cherishing taste which links to its geographical, religious and demographical mixtures and is spicier in comparison to the rest of Karnataka.

A vivid description of its characteristic dishes is as follows:

  • Staple Food:

Sorghum, locally known as JoladaRotti or JowariBhakri, prepared from the flour ‘Jowar’ serves as the staple diet of the region. Brinjal curry is the prime dish accompanying the Roti along with other curry preparations and spiced groundnut powder and yoghurt.

Another Muslim rice delicacy is Tahaari, prepared with mutton or beef and is different from Biryani in terms of mixing procedures and is available in city’s all Muslim restaurant.

  • Desserts:

A variance to the Maharashtrian PuranPoli is the local dish HooranaHolige which is prepared in the event of festivals. A kind of wheat based pancake stuffed with grounded jaggery and chickpeas,and is served Mango Pulp as a side dish.

A khoa stuffed Malpuri is also a famous local sweet of the area.






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