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Chikoo Fete at Palghar

Created on Mon, 13-06-2016

Chikoo Fete at Palghar

Bordi, a small and beautiful village in the Palghar district of Maharashtra has amplitude of Chikoo or Sapota fruit. It is world renowned for the Chikoo festival it hosts. The festival was organised for the very first time in the year 2013, which was a big hit, and since then it is organised every year. There is no uncertainty about the fact that this small district knows exactly how to celebrate the various aspects of the delicious fruit, in the most appreciated manner. Hence, the place observes its most diverse festival, The Chikoo festival. This paradisal village serves as a habitat to several Chikoo orchards and the town enjoys the fruit in various forms such as Chikoo milkshake, Chikoo Ice-cream, Chikoo Sorbet, Chikoo Chips and many more.

The official name of the festival is ‘Chikoo & Organic Festival’. A lot of the activities take place at the festival ground which includes Chikoo Marathon (4 km run), Chikoo Safari, Tribal folk dance, shopping at the village weekly bazaar and most importantly eating and buying delectable Chikoo and other related Chikoo products. The whole and sole idea behind coordinating this festival is to spread awareness and catalyze a sustainably developed two-day programme to persuade and stimulate rural entrepreneurship at Palghar.


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