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Chaprala Wildlife Sanctuary in Gadchiroli

Created on Thu, 25-02-2016


A wildlife sanctuary is located in the heart of the Western Indian state of Maharashtra. The Chaprala Wildlife Sanctuary in Gadchiroli is a must visit for wildlife and nature lovers.

Flora and Fauna

Sprawling across an impressive 135 sq.km. of land, the Chaprala Wildlife Sanctuary is home to several endangered animal species. A total of 131 species of both avian and mammal species can be found here. The captivating and endangered Giant Indian Squirrel can also be found here. The sanctuary also boasts of a large variety of indigenous flora with the dry, deciduous plant type is extensively found here. There is an abundance of teak and its sub-species trees found in the forest areas. Other species of Arjun, Behda, Bel, Chichwa, Mahua, Semal Shisham and Sisooare also spotted here.

Getting There

The Chaprala Wildlife Sanctuary is easily accessible by rail (Ballapur railway station) and bus (Chandrapur bus stand). Air travel to the sanctuary may be tough as the nearest airport lies in Nagpur, 243 km from the sanctuary.

Wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers and photographers have all been enthralled by this sanctuary. The best time to visit is during the spring/summer season between February and May.


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