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Belgaum: The Sugar Bowl of Karnataka

Created on Wed, 24-02-2016

Belgaum: The Sugar Bowl of Karnataka

Belgaum/Belagavi was traditionally known as Venugrama literally translating as the village of bamboos. Now this bamboo village with its year round pleasant climate is more popular as the sugar bowl of Karnataka. Also, it is one of the to-be-smart cities of the Modi Government’s plan due to its huge contribution to the overall revenue of the state. The Hindu reports that the total export sugar in Karnataka alone is 387 hundred thousand tones from an area of 4.66 hundred thousand hectares. It is also to be noted that 20 sugar mills from the state’s total of 53 sugar mills are in Belgaum which explains the reason why it is called the Sugar Bowl of Karnataka and rightly so. The sugarcane fields with its tall lush green leaves swaying in the mild breeze and the mills that are run to process sugar, jaggery and molasses are supporting not only an entire village but even workers from outside too. Unsurprisingly, Belgaum is also called as the second capital of Karnataka.


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