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Basti’s Rich Flora and Fauna

Created on Mon, 13-06-2016

Basti’s Rich Flora and Fauna

Part of the vast Indo-Gangetic Plain, in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, lies the district of Basti. An area exceptionally rich in both flora and fauna.

The lush green fields sandwiched between the Ghaghara and Rapti rivers, were once covered with thick inaccessible forests packed with wild animals and all sorts of trees, shrubs and herbs.

While agriculture and industrialization may have cleared away most of the forests, the region still remains known for its natural beauty and diversity.

Mango, Sal, Mahua and Bamboo trees abound in the area. These trees don’t just add to the natural beauty but are also of great economic significance.

Mammals like Nilgai, Wolf, Jackal, Wild Cat, Monkey, Hare and Porcupine roam freely in the forests and the plains and keep the ecological system in balance.

Game birds such as Peafowl and Partridges are an important source of meat and eggs which supplement the regular agricultural economy. While migratory birds like Goose, Common Teal and Pochard can be seen flocking near the lakes and rivers during the winter months.

Many different species of snakes, crocodiles and gharials add further to the wildlife diversity on the land, while fishes like Rohu, Bhakur, Nain, Krunch and Tengan abound in the water bodies making Basti a region of great ecological importance.


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