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Ancient Temple of Markandeshwar in Gadchiroli

Created on Thu, 25-02-2016

Lord Shiva

In the state of Maharashtra in the Western part of India lies a large town called Gadchiroli. Famous for its abundant forests, good-quality Teak and Bamboo crafts, Gadchiroli has a lot more to offer. What really stands out in this town however, is the ancient temple of Markandeshwar.

Legend of the Markandeshwar Temple

Dating back to the 12th century AD, the ancient temple of Markandeshwar was the place where the great sage Markandeya mediated on Lord Shiva. According to age-old beliefs, passed on through generations, Markandeya spotted a child floating on a banyan leaf in the sea. Bewildered, he wondered who the abandoned child was only to have Lord Vishnu assure him that he had chanced upon an avatar of the Great Lord Shiva. The temple was later built in his honour.

How to Get There

Located on the street named after its namesake, the Markandeshwar Temple can be found right next to the Markandeshwar Tank, towards the north of Jagannath Temple. Pilgrims can get there from the right side of the Markandeshwar Road leading from the Markandeshwar chowk to Puri-Brahmagiri Road.

While visiting the temple, tourists can also partake in cleansing and bathing in the bathing ghats in the southern side of the Markandeshwar Tank. Rituals such as Pinda Dana and Mundan Kriya are also observed on the tank steps and are definitely a site not to be missed.


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