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Anandwan Ashram – The forest of joy in Warora, Chandrapur

Created on Fri, 27-05-2016

Anandwan Ashram – The forest of joy in Warora, Chandrapur

The town of Warora in Maharashtra, India, is home to the Anandwan Ashram, a landmark institution established in 1948 by the well-known social reformer Baba Amte. The ashram is a centre for the treatment and rehabilitation of people suffering from Leprosy and other disabilities.

Spread over an area of 465 hectares, the ashram was organized as a self-sustaining community. The members of this community engage in various agricultural and other small-scale industrial activities, which takes care of all their basic needs.

Environmental sustainability has also been given a lot of importance. The ashram’s eco-friendly farming and water management techniques have significantly rejuvenated the land’s fertility.

Proper disposal and recycling of waste products has resulted in a clean, pollution free environment with minimal consumption of natural resources.

The ashram has come a long way since its inception and now houses two hospitals, an orphanage, a college and a school for the blind and the deaf. Today this small and tightly knit community continues to be an example for the whole world to follow.  

Image Courtesy: http://www.anandwan.in/


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