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Agricultural Growth in Baramati

Created on Thu, 25-02-2016


The city of Baramati in Maharashtra is known for its historical significance and mass agricultural produce.This city on the banks of River Karhais also one of the fastest growing Agri-tourism spots in India. To explore more interesting facts about the place, read on!

Grapes, Sugarcane, Cotton, Wheat and Jawari are some of the main crops in this region.Owing to the quality of the produce, there is a huge demand for sugar and grapes in the European and Middle Eastern Market. Baramati is also an upcoming market for Vineyards. A common market place meets the demand of the consumers for cotton and food grains. Apart from agriculture, cattle rearing is also a source of income here.

Most of Baramati gets irrigation from Veer Dam, Nira River and Ujjani Dam.


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