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5 stunning mosques in Jalna you must visit

Created on Wed, 24-02-2016

5 stunning mosques in Jalna you must visit

Jalna in Maharashtra was formerly a part of Aurangabad, which explains the numerous masjids and darghas of the place. It is ideal for a pilgrimage spot and also a stunning place to visit, especially if you’re an architectural geek!

Kali Masjid: This 16th century mosque (1557 A.D.) located at the court road in Jalna, Maharashtra was built by Jamshed Khan. The mosque intricately displays Mughal architectural magnificence with its own share of perforated stone work, lotus leaves embellished dome, paved court yard and a lake. The famous Hamam which provides facilities of a bath too is also adds on to the overall beauty.

Shah Nasir-ud-din and Shah Latif Kadari Dargah: These darghas are built in honour of the two saints, Shah Nasir –ud-din and Shah Latif Kadari during the reign of Burhanuddin.

Dargah of Zacha and Bacha: The Square shaped Dargah built in honour of the saints Zacha and Bacha is very identical in shape and design to the tombs of the Pathan kings in Delhi.

Dargah of Jan Alla Shah: Built in A.D 1681, this Dargah is a place you must visit. It is octagonal shaped from inside and adorned by four minarets outside. It is octagonal shaped with four minarets outside. 

Dargah of Nur Shah Wali: All architecture lovers would fall for this Indo-Saracen Dargah. It has six distinct rooms separated by minarets.


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